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Minggu, 14 Juli 2019

Last Day at Rumah Dharma

Hey ho mina-san
Nice to see you in my blog again.

Well, sad moment for me. It was the last day of our practice at Rumah Dharma. Time flies so fast, right? It has a month we practice here. As the leader of this group, I feel sad to leave Rumah Dharma. huhuhu... However, all meetings will definitely end in the separation.

At this day, we talked about the performance of us during the practice here. Mr. Medi appreciate and thank us for helping there. He has high wish for us and he welcome us to submit applicant if we want hehehe... After graduated, maybe :)

Mr. Medi gave many advises and life values. Mr. Medi advice us to keep hard work in reaching our dream and be ready if can't reach it. Yeah! You're rock man! Thank you :)

Morning shift, we still come as usual and at 2 p.m. we have separation. But, I still have evening shift to attend. Well, for thanking all of the crews of Rumah Dharma and build good moment for the last time. After the shift was over, we said goodbye to them. huhuhu...

Thank you for Mr. Budi and Mr. Feri for the guidance. Thanks for all of the kitchen crews for the meal everyday I was there. Then, thanks for other Rumah Dharma's crew for the good experience and history hehehe.. Last, thank you so much for Mr. Medi who let us practice at Rumah Dharma. It was good experience for us, especially for me. Thank you~


Watching Borobudur International Arts and Performance Festival 2019

Hey ho mina-san
Welcome back in my blog.

After our evening shift, at 9 p.m. we went to borobudur international arts and performance festival 2019 at Lumbini Park, Borobudur. We were excited to watch because they invited Virzha as the guest star in the opening of the event. hehehe.. But we also watch all of the performance in this festival. It was very cool. Many performances was perfomed.

We met our friends whoc practice in Balai Konservasi Borobudur. We watched the festival together. Not many activities there, we just watching and sharing each other. But, it was good moment to get fresh again. hehehe... :)


Charity Concert and Birthday Celebration

Hey ho mina-san
Nice to see you here.

Yup, we were preparing for BBQ Party at Rumah Dharma. The party will start in the dinner time so that all the guests can watch it. This party specially for celebrating the birthday of Mr. Medi, the boss. Rumah Dharma always conduct this party each year and invite children from orphanage around Borobudur. This year they invited from Salaman.

In this party, there was free angkringan, bakso/ meatball, and wedhang ronde. You can eat that freely. hehehe. I like this. Well the party was run well with the performance of the boss's band, Jackie and the magic hood, if I'm not mistaken. Yeah, I just heard Jackie or the magic hood. hehehe...

It was amazing performance. Mr. Medi sang many songs such as vapourine, it's my life, and others. His brother also sang an Indonesian song. Then, Mr. Medi asked Mr. Budi to sing as his appreciation to Mr. Budi as the best employe ever at Rumah Dharma. hehehe...It was funny moment.

While the guest and the tourist enjoying their dinner, I enjoyed it too. I ate some satay from angkringan and meatball freely. Then, I back to work. It was good party. Next there will be next charity concert at Rumah Dharma in July 21th, 2019. We are invited to come, but I don't know. We start to busy with PPL huhuhu...

Well, that's the preview of the BBQ party at Rumah Dharma.
Hopefully can join the next party :D

Ok. Thank you for reading this story
See you next time.

Photos of Preparation:

Unboxing New Bicycle

Hey ho mina-san
Welcome back again iin my blog.

Today, Rumah Dharma bought new bicycles. As you have read in the previous post, these bikes was used to cycling and guiding activity with the tourist. Rumah Dharma always keep the quality of the bike. So, they will upgrade it periodicaly.

They want their guest feel comfort with the bicycle and give safety. So, they can enjoy the activity and give good impression to come again next time. It is normal, right? Good service for the guest. hehehe...

Well that's all
Thank you for coming


Sunset ang Togetherness

Hey ho mina-san
Thank you for coming.

Now, I will tell you about the sunset view moment at Rumah Dharma. It was around 5 to 6 p.m. You can see the sunset together with the guest of Rumah Dharma. You can take a photo together and many more. 

Usually, the tourist bring a camera and walk to the rice field to get the angle. If you're lucky, you can see the most wonderfull sunset above the Borobudur temple. My friends who have EFT in practice from other homestay also came to Rumah Dharma to see us and the sunset of course.

Well, I cannot tell all the detail, but this is wonderfull to have the moment. I was lucky to practice here. I can see it everyday hehehe...
You can ride a bike before the sunset come. You can go around Rumah Dharma and take photos about the village. 


Last Day for Juliet and Rose at Rumah Dharma

Hey ho mina-san
Nice to see in my blog.

Well, it's the last day for Rose and Juliet. They have stayed 5 days at Rumah Dharma. So, that's why Shierly and I initiated to talk a little bit and asked for photos together. 

Here, we talked about their activities at Rumah Dharma. Rose and Juliet talked much about Indonesian people and the cultures. Especially they talked about Javanese since Rose's husband is Javanese too. But, he lived in Malaysia. 

I told them that Indonesian youth started to imitate western people, but Rose directly respond it, "Don't do that. Your culture much better than us. I like your kindness, carefull, smile, and many more. You have to keep that. Don't be like us...." Rose told us many things about western. I also compared it by the statement of a Youtuber who married and lived in America. It was same. Yup, we talked many topics. It was very beautiful moment for me especially. I could speak without worrying about grammar since Rose was an English teacher so that she could correct me directly,

I liked talking with them. They were very kind and funny. They gave us many knowledge about western too. They told about fruit and the season. They also told us about cultures. They told us that they will show the photos to their children. Wow!! Well, that's wonderfull. I hope, I could meet them again next time.

That's all from my story with them.
It's interesting to have friends from western. You can exchange many things with them. :)

Cycling and Guiding [Pawon Temple]

Hey ho mina-san...
Welcome back in my blog.

The last destination for cycling activity is Pawon temple. After visiting coconut sugar maker, you just need to ride for 1-2 minutes to go Pawon temple. So, it's very near. Over there, Mr. Rama continued to explain the detail of Pawon temple.

Not many activities there, we just took soe photos and walked around to the souvenir shops. As usual there was other tourist came to Pawon temple with their guide. Rose and Juliet was interested with red ginger after being told by Mr. Rama. So that's why after this we had to go traditional market to buy some red ginger.

But luckily, we didnt get any ginger that they wanted. They wanted the young red ginger, but there was only old red ginger so that we didn't buy anything. We just walked around and bought some dragon fruit to have lunch after cycling. The cycling and guiding activity is over to we back to Rumah Dharma. In the street I always talked to them and shared something that maybe they didn't before such as Bengkoang fruit from my hometown. I told the shape and the function, I promised to show the picture but I was forget. I'm sorry Rose/ Juliet.

That's all for the cycling and guiding activity at Rumah Dharma.
They felt happy and thanks to Mr. Rama.


Last Day at Rumah Dharma

Hey ho mina-san Nice to see you in my blog again. Well, sad moment for me. It was the last day of our practice at Rumah Dharm...